Surry County Looking for Roadside Litter Collection Crews

(Dobson, N.C.) – Surry County Government is soliciting proposals from any local business or contractor for litter collection along local roadsides. The Surry County Board of Commissioners and citizens alike would like to see cleaner roadsides, and, thus, funding has been added to the County budget to help address the issue.

Litter collection efforts will be needed along selected roadways within Surry County. The County will designate the areas where roadside litter pickup will occur. The scope of services include:

  • Picking up litter along both sides of the designated roadways. Timing, location and scheduling of litter pickup will be established with selected vendor at time of selection and throughout the contract duration.
  • Providing on-call service within 72 hours to provide litter pickup on an as-needed basis.
  • Collecting within the NCDOT’s right-of-way only.
  • Disposal of litter at the Surry County Landfill in Mount Airy. Invoicing Surry County the cost of disposal documented in weight tickets from the landfill without mark up. All other costs, including but not limited to transportation, labor and profit shall be included in the individual road segment pricing. 
  • Displaying proper safety signage to warn the general public of litter pickup activities as defined by the latest version of the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD).
  • Providing service data to the County, including but not limited to location, hours worked, number of litter bags collected, tonnage of material collected and copies of disposal weight tickets.
  • Maintaining a solid waste hauler license in Surry County.
  • Complying with all local, state and federal regulations regarding the collection, transportation and disposal of materials. Complying with all NCDOT and OSHA regulations regarding the collection, transportation and disposal of materials.

Anyone interested in providing roadside litter collection services should contact Denise Brown at 336-401-8203 or

Date: December 15, 2021