Fisher River Park Trail System Expands

(Dobson, N.C.) – Studies show that greenspace improves the physical and mental health of citizens and Fisher River Park near Dobson provides that outlet for Surry County residents. Current trail projects at the park are expanding recreation opportunities.

Park staff is working with volunteers to improve the park’s mountain bike course, construct a new one-mile loop of multi-use trail and extend the existing multi-use trail. With these additions, 5Ks will be run at Fisher River Park by running two laps around the outer loop of the park. The improvements and additions will make the 5K course the most picturesque and scenic in Surry County. Schools in Surry and adjacent counties, including Forsyth, have recognized the value of the park’s trails. Ten cross country meets were held at the park in 2019 and 18 events used the park as their epicenter in 2020.

“Fisher River Park is a gem that has gradually evolved from a secret to a popular venue,” said Daniel White, Surry County Parks and Recreation Director. “We are excited about the increased use of the park and the improvements we are making. Our staff is doing an exceptional job with these projects, and the great thing is, we have more plans, which I can share more about later.”

Utilizing project funds approved in last fiscal year’s budget, Sean Cheek, the Park Superintendent, is working with very capable volunteers. The volunteers are led by Todd Spurlin, who takes his personal time to assist Parks and Recreation staff.

Upgrades on the mountain bike course are underway, with efforts there ongoing since late February. The existing trail is being moved out of low-lying wet areas on the 6.5-mile loop.

Construction on the new one-mile loop of multi-use trail, near the park’s Horse Ring, has started. 

The existing multi-use trail is being extended, near the park’s ballfields, an additional ¼ mile. The construction of two bridges is required for the extension. Both bridges are being constructed near the Parks and Recreation maintenance shop to eliminate or reduce the use of the shop driveway as a trail. This will be the last trail in the park where trail and road overlap, making it safer for users to utilize the trail system in Fisher River Park. It will also eliminate the need for closing the maintenance shop driveway during running events.

Park staff anticipates all work to be completed by the end of June.

Date: April 9, 2021