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Code Enforcement

Local Ordinance Officer

Surry County’s Local Ordinance Officer directly reports to the County’s Planning and Development office and is primarily responsible for field inspections to determine compliance with the County’s Zoning, Subdivision, Mountain View Protection and Solid Waste ordinances. 

The Local Ordinance Officer also investigates complaints of violation of these ordinances, oversees correction of these violations in the field by the responsible citizens when possible; and when necessary, coordinates County efforts to correct these violations with other County departments, law enforcement and the court system.

The Local Ordinance Officer also coordinates the County’s Litter Pickup program for nonprofit groups to make extra money by holding litter roadside pickup events with reimbursement on a per-bag basis by the County.

Local Ordinance Officer: Doug Hall

To report land development and solid waste violations, or for information about the Litter Pickup program, please call (336) 401-8300.